The innovative plebisweet 

plebisweet was developped with the aim to allow men and women to rediscover the pleasure of wearing jewellery on their fingers, without compromising the beauty, comfort and the fit of the ring.


Swollen joints caused by diseases such as arthritis and osteoarthritis effect a huge number of people worldwide. Furthermore, owing to changes in our way of life, these diseases are becoming more and more prevalent.


To answer this problem, we came up with a unique solution; the plebisweet system 


With plebisweet, you put the ring directly on the finger, bypassing the knuckles. When wearing a plebisweet ring, the closure system is virtually invisible. plebisweet is a real boon to people suffering from arthritus and other diseases which affect the joint in the hand.

To put on a PLEBISWEET ring, you simply need to click open the two sides




When the PLEBISWEET ring is closed, the fastening system is virtually invisible.


All our ring styles are available with the PLEBISWEET system. On the product page, simply click on WITH PLEBISWEET and rediscover the joy of wearing beautiful jewellery again.